How it works

We know you're busy so we'll keep it simple.
We offer an easy-peasy subscription box service, delivering bamboo toothbrushes straight to your door. And with every toothbrush you buy, we donate one through food banks and breakfast clubs.
Whether you want to buy as a one-off or go straight for a subscription (and become our hero), you can choose whatever suits you. And we won't lock you in to a contract. You can change your subscription requirements if you need to, you can add or reduce the number of brushes, or you can take a break for a while.
Our mission is to make you smile whilst reducing plastic waste, one toothbrush at a time.
Simply choose how often you want us to deliver a toothbrush to you - as a one-off or not, it's entirely up to you.
Choose how many brushes you'd like us to send you.
Wait for your parcel to pop through the letterbox.
As we are contract-free, you can change your subscription, or cancel, at any time without any hassle. Happy days!