Why a bamboo toothbrush?

Every year we produce around 4 BILLION plastic toothbrushes, most of which will end up in the sea or landfill, year after year. Worse still, they'll be around polluting the land and sea for generations to come. 

Plastic pollution is a huge and devastating global issue, that we need to take action on. We can see the devastation it causes to marine life, but what we can't see is the contaminants it seeps in to our waters, which we will no doubt witness the effects of in years to come. 

A bamboo toothbrush is an alternative to a plastic toothbrush. Not only is it derived from a sustainable plant but the handles are biodegradable. Meaning that it won't be around longer than you will.

Why are you using nylon bristles? 

Clean, healthy teeth are intrinsic to good health. Nylon is the best product currently on the market to achieve this. We only use the best BPA-free nylon too, so you have the best clean every time. 

We'd love to offer you a biodegradable alternative, but right now we believe that there isn't a material that would suit everyone, other than nylon.